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About us
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HowToTech UK is here to take the hassle out of your technology with the latest news, how-to guides, and analysis on the products, apps, and services that matter most to you.

There are more tech-based offerings than ever before, with options for most budgets and uses. But we want our tech to support our everyday lives, not get in the way.

That's why HowToTech UK publishes how-to guides, app round-ups, reviews, guidance, and analysis to help you get the most from your hardware, software, and online services.

While consumer technology is a global industry, we want to serve UK readers to make the most of their technology, through UK-specific services, apps, and buying guides, alongside more general tech advice. We also have a dedicated site-wide RSS feed for those who like to stay up to date.

We occassionally review and recommend products across the site. Our opinions are unbiased and free from commercial constraints. To read more about our stance, check out our reviews and affiliate policy.

The site was founded by James Frew, an experienced technology journalist and previously the Buyer's Guide Editor at MakeUseOf. He has spent his career (with bylines at Lifewire, The Family Handyman, and Blocks Decoded) helping people navigate the digital world.

If you have any comments, you can reach James on Threads at @jimjam.froo or via email at james@howtotech.uk. Whether you have a comment, criticism, or idea, we'd love to hear from you. After all, HowToTech UK is here to offer what you, our readers, need.